Creature Composite

Sports Illustrated Mockup

Michael Phelps Composite

The creature composite assignment was a project that I not only enjoyed but that taught me a lot about layers and Photoshop adjustments. The athlete that I chose to use was Michael Phelps. Since Phelps is an Olympic swimmer, I decided that it would only be fitting to use sea creatures that were known for their speed and easily recognizable to most people. The sailfish is the fastest sea creature so I decided to symbolize its top fin by using a mohawk. I thought that real hair would fit better with the overall image and be easier to get a seamless, believable blend. To make Phelps look more like a sea creature, I added in the dolphin tail since it reminded me of a merman/mermaid. After receiving feedback from classmates, I decided to add in some flying fish to tie the composition together.

In creating this image, I spent a lot of time working on adjusting hue/saturation so the images looked like they belonged together and I made sure that the layers were masked properly and the selections were as blended as possible.

Images Used:

Michael Phelps


Waving Dolphin Tail


Seahawks Fans


Sea Water New York


Flying FishSource:


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