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When most people think of design, they think of a finished piece. For them, the design starts and ends with the final package. A creative individual will look at that finished piece, analyze all the small details, and wonder how it came to be. My goal is to take my passion for creativity and utilize it to create effective and unique design solutions. Successful design starts with taking the techniques and skills learned from study and using that knowledge to create something new and innovative. Every design starts with an idea, a goal, and it is the designer’s job to think outside of the traditional box. I look at past design solutions and study the stages of conceptualization to have a better understanding of the process that goes along with a winning design. Techniques can be taught but it takes inspiration to transform them into something that makes a statement. For me, every step in the design process is an opportunity to test myself and my perceptions while allowing me to grow as an artist.

As both a designer and a visual artist, I see the world from two separate lenses. I look at things for their form, shape, and color – breaking things down until I can rebuild them in a way that gives them new life. My personal work has always leaned towards the abstract and surreal and I adapt those same concepts when working on design projects. Art has always been a part of my life and it has shaped my perceptions of the world in a way that I never imagined. Nothing is black and white and, as a designer, I see it as my goal to take something familiar and represent it in a way that’s imaginative without compromising impact. My creative process involves taking an idea and seeing how many different places it can go. Most often, our first ideas are never our best. It’s the ideas that seem the most abstract that can become the greatest end product.

I always keep in mind that a design, above all else, has to have a voice and a message. I never want my designs to whisper or repeat. Every new design project provides the chance to experiment and push the boundaries. A great designer can work within their parameters and still achieve a result that doesn’t blend in. It is my desire to push past conventional solutions that makes me love design. Each step of the process, from the planning stage to drafting to the final package, provides an opportunity to break free from tired solutions. The best part of design is viewing the entire process, both failures and successes, and using that knowledge to create something memorable.


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