Web Banner

Web banner for NC Comicon: Oak City
For this assignment, the requirement was to make an optimized web banner image utilizing a lot of the same techniques and designs that were utilized in an event flyer. The difficulty on this assignment came with adjusting the typeface to work at such a small size and choosing which part of the image to showcase. I chose to use the same typeface as the original event flyer (Agency FB and Gill Sans MT Condensed) however I spent more time adjusting the tracking and leading of the characters so they were appropriate for the job.


Mock Album Cover

In order to continue using Photoshop’s animated gif tools, I decided to further edit a previous textbook assignment and use it to create a mock album cover. The band is fictional, however, I used the animation to emulate promo videos that most hardcore/metalcore bands use for new albums or tracks. The image itself was created using Layer Masks and I added in the texturing using the brush tool and different brush settings/layer opacity. For the animation portion, I wanted it to look like the album title was being roared by the lion so I used the animation tools to give it that effect. The first time I used the Timeline feature, I converted it to a frame animation. This time, I chose to use the video option. Both have their benefits, however, for this design I felt the video worked a lot better.

Animated eCard

Animated ecard

For this animated ecard assignment, the goal was to create a gif animation using one of the ecards designed in the previous assignment. I decided to go with my first Layer Comp as I felt it would benefit the most from animation as the background was simple and there were not too many elements. The target audience would be those that are interested in comic books and superheros so I thought animating the coffee cup to look like it was flying would resonate the best. The animation definitely catches the eye since the moving cape calls attention to the rest of the design. This was my first time using Photoshop’s Timeline feature and it provided some challenges, however, I can see it being a useful tool in the future.

Layer Comps

Congrats cardCongrats cardcongrats card

The layer comp assignment required me to make three different ecards using the same images and message, that were still uniquely different. I decided to make a ‘congratulations’ greeting card for young adults that were interested in pop culture, specifically superheroes and comic books. Also, of course, anyone that’s a coffee enthusiast. I tried a few different typographic choices as well as utilizing the Replace Color tool and making a Clipping Mask with type. I wanted to try three cards that used different techniques that I’d never tried before. The first one I tried a Filter that would make the background resemble a brick wall and I used a brush to simulate paint splatters. I also wanted to make a card that was a bit more feminine which is the direction I went for the last card.

Images used:

Marvel Comics


Starbucks Coffee


Superhero 3D





Pink Glitter


Creature Composite

Sports Illustrated Mockup

Michael Phelps Composite

The creature composite assignment was a project that I not only enjoyed but that taught me a lot about layers and Photoshop adjustments. The athlete that I chose to use was Michael Phelps. Since Phelps is an Olympic swimmer, I decided that it would only be fitting to use sea creatures that were known for their speed and easily recognizable to most people. The sailfish is the fastest sea creature so I decided to symbolize its top fin by using a mohawk. I thought that real hair would fit better with the overall image and be easier to get a seamless, believable blend. To make Phelps look more like a sea creature, I added in the dolphin tail since it reminded me of a merman/mermaid. After receiving feedback from classmates, I decided to add in some flying fish to tie the composition together.

In creating this image, I spent a lot of time working on adjusting hue/saturation so the images looked like they belonged together and I made sure that the layers were masked properly and the selections were as blended as possible.

Images Used:

Michael Phelps


Waving Dolphin Tail


Seahawks Fans


Sea Water New York


Flying FishSource:

Event Flyer


Unofficial Event Flyer for Oak City Comicon

Once I read over what had to be done for this assignment, I immediately settled on designing an event flyer for Oak City Comicon. I attended the convention last year and really enjoyed it so I thought it would be fun to create something for this year’s event. The target demographic for this event would be anyone from ages 10-40 that enjoys comic books and superheroes. I had some challenges with figuring out what images I wanted to use, however, I am pretty familiar with Photoshop from previous courses and from working on digital artwork so I had an idea of where I wanted to go with the style options. I did a lot of work with Layer Styles and Filters which helped to enhance the image and the typographic choices I made were to ensure easy readability without sacrificing the overall message of fun.


Hello, my name is Atiya Batts and this is my third semester in the Advertising & Graphic Design program at Wake Tech. Besides design and painting, I am also interested in cosplay and anything horror related. I’m hoping to learn techniques in this class that will help me create better graphics for the web.